Northwest Native Plant Trail

The Northwest Native Trail was designed to link the viewing mound to the educational pavilion, and was installed in 2007. Native trees, shrubs and perennials were selected to demonstrate plants that can be used in typical back yard gardens. Plants selected would mature at moderate size and have good ornamental value, with attractive flowers and fruits, and interesting shapes and textures. The Northwest Native Trail demonstrates the benefits of using natives in the landscape, providing shelter, food and nesting habitat for wildlife. Natives are well adapted to our climate and are summer drought tolerant and disease resistant. The pathway connecting the Viewing Mound with the Educational Pavilion is paved with concrete and stamped with native plant leaves and native animal footprints. The garden was funded through a Starbuck’s Neighborhood Grant, The Washington Native Plant Society, The Everett’s Northwest Neighborhood Association, Everett Parks and Recreation, and the Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens Foundation.
  • Northwest Native Plant Trail: be sure to notice the images of leaves and animal tracks in the paved pathway
  • Blue Camass flower; bulbs of this plant were an important part of Native American diet
  • Western Columbine, a favorite of hummingbirds
  • Native Iris
  • Stonecrop, found on rocky cliffs and outcrops throughout the region
  • A glimpse of spring flowering Iris, Stonecrop and Goat’s Beard
  • Garrya elliptica, or Silk Tassel shrub, an uncommon northwest native evergreen shrub.

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